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Our restaurant doesn't only stand out with its leisure flair, but even more with the creations of our kitchen crew.

Our style of cooking? Traditional Austrian dishes paired with international influences.

Curious? Get a sneak peek and have a lookk into our menu.

Kia Ora Wagrain Restaurant Steak

We are eager to obtain the majority of our food from regional maufacturers and are particulary proud on the cooperation with the Tamsweg based butcher Schader.

The butcher Schader still works with traditional methods and delivers fresh meat several times a week. In 2017 the Schader butcher was nominated for best Austrian butcher and received the Austrian Meat Award "Lukullus 2017".

Kia Ora Wagrain Restaurant Rotwein

A good dish always comes with a harmoniously combined glas of wine. Our assortment contains many selected wines from Austrian winemakers but also international classics. 


Our trained staff helps to find the perfect glas of wine.

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